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Thursday, August 21


We took a tour of the birth center this evening. I'm glad we got around to it because I think it's been about 11 years since I had been up to that area. At least now we'll know where to go on Tuesday morning! The rooms are all very nice and a lot bigger than the room I was in when I had Logan out in Washington. The only thing that is notably different is the fact that I will not deliver and stay in the same room. They have a separate labor/delivery area where I will have the baby. Then after 1-2 hours I will be moved over to the birth center which is right down the hall. This hospital is much more up to date than the one where I had Logan - they seem to have all the amenities that you could possibly need - huge rooms that include a couch, rocking chair, queen size bed, whirlpool tub and internet access. The two nurses who gave us the tour were both very nice - which is also a good thing!!

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