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Wednesday, October 25


*New update added
Nothing too exciting going on around here so I'm doing a bulleted list of some updates. Enjoy:

  • Logan has learned how to get down the stairs - going forward! Talk about scaring the crap out of me the first time he did it!!
  • Logan is going to be a Tiger for Halloween and since he doesn't talk yet (at least real words) instead of teaching him how to say trick-or-treat we've been teaching him how to "roar". He does it in a whisper which is so, so cute!
  • Mike bought Logan his first pair of slippers last week. They're Superman ones and he looks so cute walking around the house with them on.
  • I am going to a HUGE craft show this weekend and am so excited - it's one of the biggest ones around and hopefully I'll get some Christmas shopping done. And maybe get a thing or two for myself ;)
  • My Mom got a seasonal job at Pier 1 - hello discount!! Oh yeah :)
  • Mike has his finals for this semester on Saturday and then only 8 more weeks and he's done with school. Anyone want to join us for a graduation party??
  • Logan loves watching the Ellen Show - he dances along with her.
  • He's learned how to give hugs so if you sit on the floor and open your arms he'll run into them and put his head on your chest.
  • I updated my blogrolls - go check out the new ones!!
  • Logan is officially a toddler - I just got done packing up all of his 12 month clothes :(

I think that's about it for now. Have I mentioned lately how kissable my son is??


Blogger Honor said...

Oh, see if you can find me anything that says "Baseball Mom" on it at the craft show! ;-) I'd love to go to a craft show, but I wouldn't dare try to drag hubby or the boys to one (they'd be bored stiff and looking for the nearest auto parts store), so I've not been to one in ages. Take tons of pics, and show us all the cool/ghastly stuff you find.

The roar sounds adorable. The boys were SO cute when they'd say 'twick or tweat.' Ahh, those were the days.

Hope you had a great day, even if you were getting dumped on (caugt the forecast this morning - uGH!). Have wonderful Thursday!


10/25/2006 10:28 PM  
Anonymous Taylor said...

Pretty sure Uncle Taylor is missing his godson!

10/26/2006 10:13 AM  
Anonymous Sarah said...

Hey Tanya...

thanks for stopping by! I tried coming by after posting the last time on my space, but for some reason, this little window to post a comment on YOUR space wasn't popping up... but here it is! Woohoo!!!

Glad to hear you are doing well! Logan is getting so big!

Take care!!


10/26/2006 10:44 AM  
Blogger Super Baby said...

Ha! Glad you like random! :) I've been that spacy all day--Let's blame it on the rain coming in, shall we? And I've been reading a novel with spacy characters. Between all of that and a fireplace running (maybe you know what I mean?), I've been feeling a little on the wild side. As wild as you can be being pregnant...... :D

Jonathan lets our fire run all night too--we have to get a new damper... apparently, that'll keep a little more of the fire's heat in the house. Jonathan is management in a place where there's lots of leftover lumber, and we just got permission today to take a bunch of the throw away scrap pieces home with us--hurray!

I wouldn't be very happy with Mr. Logan running around the fire. I think Scooter's figured out that it's off-limits. I wouldn't let him play near it even when there's no fire....... I don't know. I shouldn't say anything because the next thing I'll know, he'll be playing right in the middle of the fireplace--ha ha! Isn't that the way it works? :D

I love your bulleted update--I LOVE that you're teaching Logan to roar--it'll be an irresistable Halloween selling point and you'll get TWICE the candy... to split between you and Mike, with the odd piece here and there for the baby--at least that's how it works at our house. I hoard as much as possible for myself. lol There are some rewards for staying home all day!

We went to McDonald's today--how long has it been since you had a Big Mac? Talk about yum! Scooter had his usual (can you guess? chicken nuggets) and the Happy Meal had a car in it that sent Scooter into McDonald's orbit. :)

Could this possibly hold the record for the longest comment? :D

10/26/2006 1:37 PM  
Blogger Becca said...


Wow, I made your blogroll! Thank you! I tried to post to you last ngiht, but Blogger was being a bugger!
Hope that today is going well for you!

10/26/2006 2:30 PM  
Blogger Super Baby said...

:D I know exactly what a pellet stove is--my in-laws in NY had one up until just recently--they sold it for something like $500. They said that the price of pellets jumped--did it do that where you are???? I figure EVERYTHING is more expensive...

Don't feel badly about the retraining process... I think if Scooter thought he could get away with it while my back was turned he'd be into the fireplace in a second!!! All the training in the world can't replace curiosity!! lol

10/26/2006 4:41 PM  

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