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Tuesday, October 24

Order Your Own Santa Letter

Only $5.25!!

How would your child, grandchild, niece, nephew, or anyone else that is special in your life like to receive a personalized letter from Santa? I'm sure you can think of someone that would love a keepsake like this. Imagine the delight in their eyes when they get their own piece of mail - from Santa!

All letters will be personally addressed to your child and include information such as age, city they live in, and items on their wish list. No need to worry about getting the same letter for each child - I have a couple of different ones. I even have a very special one for a baby's first Christmas!! Each letter will also include a special coloring page that they can leave out for Santa.

If you are interested in ordering a personalized Santa letter or have questions please email me at - I will send back the payment instructions (I accept paypal, cashier's check, or money orders) and personal information that I need to make the letter wonderful for that special person in your life.

Have a letter sent directly from Santa - it's easy, it's fun, and it's simple to do!!

All letters will be mailed during the month of December.

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