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Sunday, August 24

Ya Think?

Do you think my child could use a haircut?? He is turning into our little hippy. We have tried to get his haircut four times in about the last 2 months and he absolutely refuses. I do not understand what is going on - he's gotten it cut before and did not have any problems then. We're not sure what to try next. Mike wonders how much trouble we would get into if we just strapped him down and took the buzzers to his head. He doesn't think it would scar him for life *rolling eyes*

Any suggestions? We've tried bribing, begging, threatening and everything in between and nothing works. We've even had other people take him to the hair salon and that doesn't work either.



Blogger Honor said...

Congratulations! Noah is beautiful!!!!!! Looking forward to more photos. :)

We had the same hair-cutting issues with Steven, so we invested in the Flowbee. It really works!

Many hugs. Take care of you, too.

8/26/2008 12:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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