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Sunday, February 18

We Set A Record!!

Well I've got a lot of new things to write about, I'll try not to ramble on too long :) Here's another bulleted list to catch up on:

-Logan is learning more and more words. He knows where the garbage (dardj) is and loves having the "job" of throwing things away. I just have to pay attention when he starts saying "dardj" because some non-garbage items have been thrown in there.

-Also we've learned if you don't want him to touch something you say that it's icky (ittey) or hot. That usually deters him from touching it.

-We received a call from our realtor and our house is officially under contract - yay!! We will sign the papers on March 22nd, which means we can now begin house hunting. We went to several open houses today and are planning to meet with a builder tomorrow. We love both of the houses that we saw that he has built but we figure maybe he can help us build one that really stands out. He said it would take about 6 months to build so we would probably rent an apartment until it was finished.

-While we were out house-hunting we received a call from Jean (Mike's Aunt). Mike's Mom broke her ankle, it is the same ankle that she broke several years ago from falling off the roof. She went in for surgery this evening and is currently in recovery. We'll be able to go up and visit her again shortly. According to the nurse the surgery went very well, but since this is the second time that ankle has been broken it will be a fairly long recovery.

-I have come to realize that I do not do well in hospitals. Just while visiting people though (when I had Logan I was fine the whole time). When we got to Charlene's (Mike's Mom) room I began to feel dizzy and my ears plugged up. And I became so hot. I left the room and found the bathroom, splashed some water on my face, got a drink, and since then I've felt better. I don't know what it is but the same thing happened when my Dad had open heart surgery a few years ago. Although that time it was worse because I almost passed out and had to lean against the wall for support.

-On a better note on Saturday we helped North Dakota set a world record. Visit here to read more about it. It was the perfect day to do it and everyone had a great time.

I'll write more later, we're going up to see Charlene - have a great night everyone!

*The first picture is the capitol lawn before everyone was on it, second picture shows the capitol lawn filled with over 8000 people, and the third picture is the capitol building*


Anonymous I've never heard of Paul Wall before... said...

Hey! March 22nd is my 10th anniversary! Good day! Congrats on selling the house! How exciting to be able to go house-hunting!

How cool is that record-breaking!!!! I couldn't imagine my town coming together for something like that. Awesome!!! That's neat that you were able to be a part of that. That's one for the scrapbook!

I hope Mike's Aunt recovers quickly even though the doctors say it might take awhile.

I hope you had a great weekend!!


2/19/2007 1:21 AM  
Blogger Amber said...

Wow, a lot going on 'round those parts! Congrats and on the house being under contract..but more for being a part of snow-angel history. SUCH fun!

2/19/2007 7:52 AM  
Anonymous Jack's Mommy said...

Yay on the house sale! That is awesome. Good luck on the house hunting. Building your own home would be pretty nice, though. You'd get to pick everything YOU want. Hope it goes well!

2/19/2007 1:34 PM  
Blogger Honor said...

I saw the snow-angel record on CNN. Tried to spot you, but no luck... ;-) At least you have snow there - none left here. With all the rain and 45-degree temps, the white stuff is history. What a great way to spend an afternoon.

Congrats on the house sale going through. How very exciting. Imagine how much house you can get in ND for the same price - you'll look like millionaires!

Logan is a cutie. Keep an eye on car keys and glasses - those were the things Steven used to try to dispose of for us.

Hope you're having a fabulous day.


2/19/2007 4:57 PM  
Anonymous Jen said...

Praying for your house hunt
also praying for Mikes Mum Ive been like in hosptitals too
hope youre not worrying about her too much and are looking after yourself - it happened to me when i was worried and wasnt drinking enough because of that
good on you for helping to set that world record - bet it feels good that you were a part of it

2/19/2007 7:03 PM  
Anonymous Sarah said...

Yeah, well, I'm a dork! LMAOOO!!! I came back to your blog to see if there were any new posts since yesterday and clicked on the comments... "I've never heard of Paul Wall before"... LMAO!! That's from Honor's space... I must have cut and pasted it in her comment window and somehow inserted it in your comment place. Sheesh! I don't get it... I do get that I'm a dork and should have proof-read it, but otherwise, I don't get it! I will now start previewing my comments before publishing them! LMAO!

I hope you had a good Tuesday.

2/21/2007 1:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am still alive! Just busy busy!

God Bless!

2/21/2007 7:40 AM  
Anonymous Crystal M. said...

Those snow angels sound like fun! how neat to know you took part in a record-breaking event!

Congratulations on selling the house! I imagine it will be nice to be able to have your own space again once you get a house bought/built. I like the idea of building a house...that way you get what you want, instead of finding a compromise that meets some of your needs/wants. :)

I understand how you feel about hospitals, but I am the opposite. I am fine if I am just visiting someone, but being there when i was in labor with Charis really stressed me out and made me sick! I had several anxiety attacks with those similar symptoms, most notably when my husband left the second night I was there, and I was all alone.

Anyway, I hope you have a good week and I can't wait for the next post!


2/21/2007 8:35 PM  

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