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Thursday, December 7


* * Less than one week to order a Santa letter! * *

It's time for another bulleted list - enjoy!

- The age that Logan is at is absolutely amazing to me. He is understanding so many things and trying to be so helpful. He's also learning manners (kind of), if he takes something away from you he will only give it back if you say "please". Otherwise if you grab it he will scream and get very upset!

- Mike will be flying out for the interview next Wednesday. It will take place on Thursday. I cannot believe how fast things might begin to move if (when) they offer him the job. And then the worrying and stress will really start to set in :)

- Our snow is almost all gone now :( But if we're moving to ND I guess I will be complaining about it constantly and how I wish it would go away.

- I've posted the new December recipes. I decided to post some ways to use up leftovers. We tried all of them and I thought they were all yummy!

- I've also updated my blog lists. You can check out the new additions on the left sidebar.

- Logan loves to try to wear our shoes, it is hilarious to watch him tromp around the house in them.

- He hates getting his hands dirty. The other night he got a piece of rice on his finger and freaked out. And what did we do? Well, laugh of course!

- I have about 3 gifts left to buy and I'm done Christmas shopping - yay!! Part of the reason that I finished so early though is so that Mike can take the gifts back with him. That way we don't have to pay for shipping :)

- My Dad turned 50 on the 5th - Happy Birthday Daddio!!


Blogger Super Baby said...

I'm up because I thought I was in labor!! Contractions into the back and everything. I should have known it was too good to be true... lol But at least I can go back to bed now, I suppose... :)

I LOVE this list--so flipping cute! Scooter doesn't wear our shoes, he hauls them around the house... especially Daddy's shoes. What funny boys with shoe fixations!

Is Logan starting to get upset when he has a poopy diaper? Scooter now knows when he has one... He eyeballs me when he squats and grunts and then when I ask him if he has a poopy diaper, he runs away, not wanting to go through the inconvenience of having to change his pants. Honestly!

12/07/2006 3:37 AM  
Blogger FTMo2 said...

The Santa Advent Calendar was from...umm....Oh yah!

Here's the link:^All+Groups/11-W6490.html?RS=1&keyword=advent+calendar&productPrefix=W

Hope that works! :)~

I hope Mike does well on the interview. I know it will be a lot of stress for a move - but in the end it sounds like a VERY positive thing for your family!

If we get any snow - I'll send it to someone OTHER than you after Logan gets to explore it a little. I have a long hour commute so I'll be happy if it doesn't stick around for too long as well!

12/07/2006 8:26 AM  
Blogger Becca said...

Now where does Logan get the idea that having his hands dirty is a bad thing, mom??? :-) Just teasing! He sounds like he is a laugh a minute! Christmas is going to be a blast with him!


12/07/2006 10:47 AM  
Anonymous Crystal said...

Hahaha! Charis doesn't like to get diry either, unless it is completely her doing. She used to carry our shoes around, but now she ignores them. Her thing is trying to open doors. She can reach the knobs now, but hasn't figured out how to turn them. She loves to watch me cook too!

I hope Mike's interview goes well. I can tell you have missed your family. Moving will be a headache, but it would all be worth it in the end!

I better go, Charis thinks she is making lunch (grabbing the bread). Talk to you later!

12/07/2006 12:08 PM  
Anonymous stephen said...

The one thing I do NOT miss is snow. Out here, if I want to go skiing, I can drive to someplace that has snow, ski, and then leave. lol

Glad you've got about got your shopping done. Now you can relax and really enjoy the holiday.


12/08/2006 5:59 PM  
Blogger Honor said...

For the record, you're not allowed to move to ND until AFTER I get to meet you. Though I am excited for you - you should've been a fly on the wall when I got the job that brought us to WA and closer to hubby's family. To say we were excited is an understatement. I imagine that's kinda how your household is feeling right about now. Keeping my fingers crossed all goes well for Mike.

On a semi-related note, brilliant idea to send the gifts with Mike. The cost of mailing is OUTRAGEOUS!

Logan sure is a cutie, and I'm glad you get to spend the tme reveling in his amazingness. :)

Have a fantastic weekend!


12/09/2006 2:44 PM  
Anonymous Jen said...

Its a fun age
which keeps us on our toes :)
Daniel likes his little bike like however he can only go backwards at the moment
have a fun week with your little man

12/10/2006 3:57 PM  

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