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Saturday, November 25

So I Lied - But Just a Little!

Remember how I said I had no plans to go shopping on Friday? Well, I fibbed a little - I did go out. But not in the morning! I waited until the afternoon AND I only went to two stores. The Target ad kept calling my name while Mike was at work and I could not resist going. Once Mike got home I went over there and it wasn't bad. It was just like a typical trip to Target - not that busy. I got some great deals! I picked up all 4 Harry Potter for only $3.98 each! They will make great Christmas presents for our two nephews. I also picked up Nanny McPhee and The Polar Express for us. We haven't seen them but at $5.98 each I couldn't resist :)

After Target I ran over to Rite Aid - they had Huggies baby wipes for 99 cents! I bought all that they had and then got a rain check for some more :) I saved over $1.50/container - pretty good deal if you ask me!

**One more thing - the deadline to order a Santa letter (or five) is about 2 weeks away!**


Anonymous Sarah said...

WOW! Great deals! I own all those movies you've bought. Although I didn't pay that little for ANY of them! LOL! I think it was $50 for the set of 4 Harry Potters! Sheesh, I'm jealous!

You'll love Nanny McPhee and Polar Express. In fact, my girls just watched Polar Express this afternoon!

Nanny McPhee is one of my favorites... I love Colin Firth. He's a great actor and I love him also in Pride and Prejudice (the BBC mini-series version). I could watch that series over and over again! Although, at about 6 hours long (and on 2 DVDs)... It's not something I can usually watch all the way through at one sitting. LOL!

I hope you had a great Saturday and thanks for stopping by this afternoon!


11/26/2006 1:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey there Glad to hear you are getting some great Christmas deals!! Hope to find some myself soon as I have been a lazy shopper lately!!!

I have been on bloggers Hiatus for a bit but I am back now!! Look forward to catching up!
~God Bless~

11/26/2006 10:05 AM  
Anonymous Selena "aka Piglet" said...

Hi you. Sorry it's been so long since I've come by for a visit. The little munchkin isn't so little anymore. Love the pic of him building his tall tower! Awesome deals too. I so wish we had a Target :-(

11/26/2006 11:24 AM  
Anonymous Cheryl said...

ooooo - I worked Black Friday! I don't know what's it or working it! It sounds like you weren't traumatized though - great deals!
I just have to mentioned a mashed potato soup...sounds delicious! Can I have the recipe? See you later and take care!

11/26/2006 9:19 PM  
Anonymous Cheryl said...

You might see this comment posted twice..not sure if it got thru the first time!

I actually worked Black Friday. Not sure what's worse....working it or shopping it! You came out in one piece with some awesome deals!

I was wondering, when you stopped by you mentioned mashed potato you mind giving me the recipe? It sounds delicious!
Thanks again
See you later and take care

11/26/2006 9:24 PM  

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