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Monday, September 18

A Day Away

Yesterday was a first for a long time - a day all by myself! For the past couple of weeks I have been nearing my breaking point. You have to realize I love my little guy as much as humanly possible but you can only be around someone for so much. No matter how much love you have for them.

So yesterday Mike told me to go out and have a day for myself. Since I didn't plan anything my day wasn't quite what I would have wanted. I should have booked a spa day, or gone to a movie, or went to a park and just read. Instead what did I do? I went to the mall. On.A.Sunday. Yup, I'm crazy. But the craziness doesn't stop there - after the mall I went to Ikea. On.A.Sunday.

I did have a great day to myself but honey, can I get another one in like a month or so? (And this one will be planned out better!!)

**BTW-5 Days until I meet some bloggers!!


Anonymous Sarah said...

Hi there Tanya! Finally had a few moments to myself to visit my new blog friends. I'm happy to hear you had a day to yourself. Even though it was battling the stores, you still had time to have your own thoughts. I go crazy here sometimes too. Hubby knows when I've reached my limit. He'll send me out for something silly just so I can breathe and think. Doesn't mean that you love your child/ren any less! They need a break from old MOM sometimes too!

I hope you have a wonderful week!! Take care!


9/19/2006 1:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've now commented TWICE! Nice, long, witty comments, and they've BOTH disappeared. I'm officially on a commenting strike. Grrrrr.

Have a good day.


9/19/2006 10:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh sure, now that I comment as "Anonymous" it posts it. Grr and double grrrrr!

Ok, gonna try to recreate my two previous comments. If I end up commenting 5 times, please delete accordingly, k?

Congrats on your day by yourself. I enjoy spedning time with the boys, but by the time the end of summer rolls around, I'm more excited about school starting than they are. There IS such a thing as too much of a good thing. Kudos to hubby for recognizing your need to have a YOU day - he's a keeper!

It's started to rain here - the first drops to fall in two months. I blame you. Hopefully the rain will inspire my brown, dry grass to rebloom in full green, perky beauty. I'm not holding my breath. But it could happen. And I could win the lottery. See? It's all about possibilities...

Hope you're having a great week and a fantastic day.


9/19/2006 10:15 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

A day to yourself - how wonderful! Well you now have ideas for some quiet time - but shopping sans baby can be nice too! Hope your week is going well.

I have gotten better about sale shopping for Carl - the first year I wasn't so good, but now that he is toddler sizes, it is easier to plan ahead. I now only go to the clearance racks - though I do look at the regular priced stuff to see what might be coming.

Have fun at the blogger meeting!

9/19/2006 12:15 PM  
Blogger Mainebikerchick said...

Are you going to the convention in Vegas? I wish I could go!!

How nice of Mike to give you some alone time! You should have him talk to Rusty for me!! LOL

HUGS!! :)

9/19/2006 12:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OOooh - indeed - plans always make for better 'relaxed' days :)~


9/19/2006 2:30 PM  
Blogger The Beast Mom said...

yes! Time alone is very necessary for busy moms. Good for you in getting out and away for a while, and nice of hubby to suggest it. Love it when they think to initiate that.


9/19/2006 3:55 PM  
Blogger The Beast Mom said...

BTW, your suggestion about previewing the comment is the only way it's working for me right now. thanks for looking into that...


9/19/2006 3:56 PM  
Anonymous Steve said...

Hi Tanya!

Looks like you have joined the ranks of those of us who have left the Evil Empire huh? Goodonya!

Just dropping by to thank you for your visit. Good to see you again.

Sorry I can't stay longer today, but I am still traveling thru a world of hurt right now, and it's very difficult to remain upright, even seated.

I have bookmarked this site tho, so I can return when I'm feeling better.

Til then, take care!


9/19/2006 6:01 PM  

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