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Tuesday, September 12

What Are We To Do??

A couple of days ago, in the lovely Pacific NW, we had our first rainy day in about 2 months.  It was quite the reality check for me since Logan has become used to going to the park - EVERY.SINGLE.DAY!!  We did go out for a little in the morning but just to get some groceries so he wasn't able to run around.  It has been a reality check because I don't know what I'm going to do with him for, oh say, the next 8 MONTHS!! 

I am pleading to you, my blogging friends, what am I going to do while it's raining here all winter long?  I don't live in a town with a mall so that's pretty much out.  I need suggestions on ways to get Logan out of the house for awhile during the day.  It's not just good for him but it helps to keep me sane!  (Plus, he goes to bed so much easier at night)  Any and all suggestions are more than welcome - thanks!

**I have a correction from my "Welcome" blog - I lied to everyone.  I guess the Google ads are like the ones on MSN - you do have to click twice in order for a blog to get credit for it.  So if you click on the link just click on one of the links within that pop-up window.  And I'm guessing that's how it works with the Google search engine also.  Just wanted to clarify.


Anonymous Leslie said...

Hi Tanya! It is so nice here too this summer. Last winter I had a zoo membership so we walked that rain or shine (there were spots for cover when we needed a break.) I realize that may not work for you because of the distance to Woodland Park.

Does your local parks and rec have infant/toddler programs? Even swimming might get you out a bit.

One thing you might try is a different activity each day. Maybe a McDonalds with a playland one day a week, swimming another and things like that.

I am loving this nice weather - especially now that school has started. The coast was empty, the zoo is manageable and the mall is manuverable with a stroller.

Good luck - I hope to see others ideas here. I am always looking for new things.

9/12/2006 11:07 AM  
Blogger Heather said...

Ok. It was NEXT TO IMPOSSIBLE to create an account on this thing just so I could post. All of my curly hair nearly fell out of my head!

Here's a link I found to a news article that might help you out.

Looking forward to meeting with you on the 23rd w/Mo!

9/12/2006 1:04 PM  
Blogger Honor said...

Yay, I can comment!! :)

Ummm, I can't remember how I kept the boys occupied, but I DO recall I used to cry a lot... Just kidding. I think you're probably just gonna hafta come up with a lot of indoor stuff to do, maybe trips to the library anda fast food place with a playland. My boys used to love the ride on toys when they were about a year old, and they'd spend long periods riding up and down the hallway and through the kitchen. Just a thought. Maybe the nice weather will hold out a bit longer.

Our weather for the game on Sunday was fabulous. We were in the shade the entire game, and had a slight breeze, so our sweaters were perfect. And I honked when I drove by. You just must've had the windows closed. And the radio on. And running the vacuum.... ;-)

Funny thing: I was over at Kim's (but Shhhh, don't tell her - I didn't leave a comment), and was looking through Kacey's engagement party pics. I saw a woman who looked JUST LIKE YOU holding a boy who looked JUST LIKE LOGAN. Took me a sec to recall that Kacey's is your cousin. I laughed at myself over that one My blonde moment for the day.

Hope you're having a great day!


9/12/2006 5:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just left a loooonnnnng comment, but since I'm using the Beta of Blogger now (check your e-mail, check your e-mail!!!) I couldn't comment under our login... :S lol

So two suggestions... Coloring (pen and paper'll do fine) and McDonald's germland... I mean... playland. :D Take some antibacterial gel stuff with you and he'll survive. :D

9/12/2006 11:40 PM  
Anonymous Alicia said...

Well I know alot of people in the winter will walk around inside gyms or rec buildings...I'm not sure what else to suggest. Here the snow gets so bad and deep that we are HAPPY to stay inside! I try to do crafty things with Laine and play games with him and stuff like that. Don't know if that helps you (I know Logan is smaller than Laine) but it's all I got!! :)


9/13/2006 8:18 AM  
Anonymous ThisMommysBusy said...

Hey Tanya, to get through the long winter months, with my kiddios, I used to do a variety of the following:
1)fast food playlands (for obvious reasons)
2) Most places have a "mom's tim out" kind of program where you bring your kids to play with other kids and lots of toys, BUT you get to visit with other moms an have a bit of a break.
3)Swimming mom's and tot's programs, check your local pool for the times, it is usually fairly cheap as well.
4)you can go outside!! Just now, well everyday, lol.
4) they have specific playgrounds inside around her so mom's can coffee and the kids can play, or moms can play, there are slides etc. there too.
5)encorporate (yet another I am sure) cuddle time, where you read to him and cuddle him etc. no phone no radio and no tv

I dunno hope this helps you out a bit!

9/13/2006 8:36 AM  
Blogger Super Baby said...

Even if you hadn't offered, I was going to try and impose upon you to help me arrange code so I could have a VIDEO PLAYER! Hurray! I'm not sure if I really WANT to mess around with uploading video, but then again, we've got some really cute footage, and who can resist????? (Neither of US, that's for sure!)

We're having a rainy day and Scooter's in awe--he keeps going over to the window and standing there and watching, trying to figure out what's happening. He knows it's called rain, but he doesn't know exactly the process behind it--so cute. :) We got some jumbo-toddler-sized blocks from Ross (on sale, $16--you could probably find a better deal) a while back and I brought them out, dumped them on the floor, and we played for a full 30 minutes. We alternated between building and tearing apart our towers and then rebuilding... It was loads of fun and it surprised me how long we played... Anyway... another suggestion. :D

9/13/2006 12:46 PM  
Anonymous SAAM said...

Thanks for the finger comment!

The thing Marissa and I when it was raining was go walking in the rain. A raincoat and rainboats! What kid doesn't LOVE splashing in the puddles???!!! Marissa did this when she was small and LOVED IT!!!! Why not? Who cares it yoy both get wet? That is the fun. A warm bath when you get home and he will be asleep.

9/14/2006 6:48 AM  
Blogger Mainebikerchick said...

Thank you for your sweet comment, Tanya...he will be sorely missed...


9/14/2006 2:02 PM  

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