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Monday, August 21

First Trip to the Pool

Tuesday afternoon we took Logan to the pool for the first time. We knew he would have a blast since he loves anything to do with water. And after the pressure washing afternoon we were assured he would love it! We went over to the Snohomish pool and it wasn't as packed as we thought it would be - which was good. We got changed and took Logan into the pool - he immediately loved it! They had all sorts of water toys for the kids there - floating noodles, balls, and kick boards. They also had a separate kiddie pool which only went to 1 1/2 feet deep - that's where we spent a majority of the time. At first Logan just wanted us to hold him but after 5 minutes he wanted to run around. Meaning he wanted to run - in the pool. Of course this is impossible for him since a) he's just learning how to walk and b) unless you already know how to kind of swim there is no way that you can also run in the pool. He looked so funny though - he ran between Mike & I - and occasionally he would slip and take a little dip in the pool. He thought that was even funnier - he loved getting soaked.

But then he noticed that he could get out of the pool. Just climb up the steps and you're on the cement! Not good for a kid just learning how to walk. At first he did OK but then he started getting excited and that's when he couldn't seem to keep his balance. All was fine though since he's used to losing his balance and falling but then he spotted a ball on the floor that he had to have. He got to the ball and must have misjudged the distance because before we knew it he had tumbled over the ball. He ended up scraping his head on the cement and receiving a nice little fleck of road-rash. He cried a little but once he was back in the pool he just wanted to play - he almost instantly forgot about trying to exfoliate his face. It is almost all cleared up - it is now about a nickel sized dot in the middle of his forehead.



Anonymous Leslie said...

Hi Tanya- No wonder you haven't said hi in a while. I do not like the changes either.

Logan sounds like he is doing great in the pool.

Carl is loving the video of Logan and tells him hello. He is saying boo with Mike.

I hope your week is going well!

8/22/2006 2:51 PM  

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