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Monday, March 31


The other night we went over to my Mom & Dad's for dinner. After playing some cards (I hate Nerts!!), while we were visiting, the phone rang. It was my Grandpa calling to talk to my Dad. While Dad was on the phone Logan decided he wanted to talk. My Dad handed Logan the phone.

Logan: Hi

Logan (speaking to my Dad): I hold the phone, let go.

Logan: continues talking to Great Grampy

Logan (looks at all of us watching him): Sshhh!! I on the phone!

We all crack up!

Logan (decides he's done talking, hands phone back to my Dad): That phone is HEAVY!

OMG - it was so funny! And of course I'm sure he got the "Ssshhh - I'm on the phone" from me & Mike since we're constantly telling him that when we are on a phone call.


Anonymous ventl8r said...

It's very humbling and quite the eye-opener when you see your children mimic you like that and you don't think anything of it when you do it, but when you see your child do it, it's not so good.

3/31/2008 4:23 PM  

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