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Tuesday, March 25

All Egged Out

I think Logan is finished with egg hunting for a good 365 days (or however long until Easter next year). Mike took him to one last weekend (March 15) at the zoo, then we all went to one this past Saturday and then he had 4 (FOUR!) on Sunday. He think he was a little exhausted from all the egg finding. He made out like a bandit though - my goodness! The Easter bunny must really like little boys who refuse to sit on the potty. Hahahaha. He got some really cute stuff - new things for his train set, candy, a pirate beach towel, a whole pirate Easter basket, candy, a new movie, bath paints, and of course candy. I have since hid most of the candy and now I guess I should finally throw out the Halloween candy that we still have left. It's been taking up valuable cabinet space so I think it's time to trash it.

I conveniently got sick Sunday night. I woke up Monday with a horrible sore throat and plugged nose. Thank goodness I was able to find someone to work for me. I don't think I could have worked all night!


Blogger Snellville said...

"The Easter bunny must really like little boys who refuse to sit on the potty."

HA HA HA HA! That was so funny!!!

Yeah the writing thing--we've been working on it for a while, two different ways. First, I wrote out his letters on a piece of paper (with the dotted lines, not solid) and copied it on the copier. He thought it was a GREAT game to copy them!! The other great thing is Super Why! on PBS. One of the characters traces letters on the screen and he watches that about twice a week. I couldn't hardly believe it when he just started writing letters! I'm going to try and get a video of him doing it because it's really funny... like interpretive dance only it's handwriting. :D

3/25/2008 9:45 PM  
Blogger Snellville said...

Duh... Snellville is me, it's our new ward email address. I'm a dork, I know.

3/25/2008 9:45 PM  
Anonymous Jeri said...

This was the first year I didn't do an Easter basket - no matter how small - for the boys. And they're 15 & 18! Bryan did snag a box of Peeps at the store though, because microwaving peeps until they nearly explode is an Easter tradition at our house.

3/26/2008 9:39 PM  

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