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Tuesday, April 1


Logan is wearing big boy underwear!! We are very excited around here. I had to work this last weekend and Mike had been trying to encourage him to sit on the potty. On Saturday I think Logan sat on it at least 3 times and managed to pee each time. We went over to Mom & Dad's that night for dinner since Taylor was going to back to college Sunday morning. Grammy informed Logan that if he kept up the good work she would take him shopping for a new toy. The incentive seems to have worked (also the fact that Mike told him no candy until he poops on the potty).

Saturday night when we got home we talked to him about wearing big boy underwear. He seemed a little more interested this time but he didn't want to wear them quite yet. BUT he did want his frog and his dinosaur to sport some Batman and Spiderman undies. So that night I put underwear on his stuffed animals *rolling eyes at this point*. BUT by Sunday afternoon that seemed to have worked. When I called Mike Sunday evening he proudly proclaimed that Logan was wearing big boy underwear. I guess while they were home Logan began taking them off & on froggie then he started putting them on over his diaper and soon after that point he asked Mike to remove his diaper so he could wear them. When I got home he still had them on and had not had an accident!

Monday went pretty smooth. He didn't want to wear them first thing that morning but Daddy came to the rescue with a phone call. He told Logan how happy he would be if he wore the big boy undies again. The next time we went up to use the potty he grabbed a pair and put them on when he was finished. Last night after dinner I went out shopping with my Mom and I guess the training went a little downhill. Logan threw a big fit and had an accident and then I guess he had two more.

Today hasn't been too bad. He did have one accident but I think that was partly my fault. I didn't take him to the bathroom soon enough. I think he is still doing very well and just hope the progress continues.


Blogger Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

I wish Our Little Man would get it with big boy pants on
hes potty trained until he cant get around underless

4/01/2008 5:21 PM  
Blogger Holy said...

Hey what a milestone - I caught a clip of Heidi Klum and hubby on Oprah and they were bragging about their son going potty for the first time - Oprah was mortified but you have to be a parent to appreciate these things. :)

Have you seen the pull up boxers - what a cook invention - makes the boys feel big boy but still transition through the accidents stage.

4/05/2008 10:47 AM  

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