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Tuesday, September 26

The Seasons - They Are A Changin' (maybe not)

Last week in the lovely PacNW it turned to fall - or at least we thought it had. It was cold and rainy here, the leaves were beginning to turn color, and I got a lovely sore throat. All tell-tale signs of Fall right?? WRONG - because apparently Summer is not leaving quietly. This week it is expected to be in the mid-70's. Yesterday when Logan & I went to the park our vehicle said it was 72 out. Today we went down to Redmond to meet Mike for lunch and the truck registered 76!!

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining about the unexpected nice weather we have been receiving. BUT, I had begun to mentally prepare myself for the turning of the seasons - I had pulled out all of my summer flowers that were dying, I bought a box of apples to start making some Fall desserts, and Mike made sure all of the electric heaters worked in the house in case we had some chilly nights. And of course I'm happy that we have everything in order for Winter but now my body is wondering what the heck is going on. As I type this I'm wearing shorts and a t-shirt - last week I wore sweatshirts and jeans, along with my chenille socks cuz my toes felt as though they were going to fall off.

I hope Mother Nature decides soon what season it really is outside - I would like to put up the Halloween stuff next weekend but if it's going to be over 70 again I just can't do it. I also want to go to one of the local corn mazes but I don't want to apply sunscreen before we make the trip!

Almost forgot to point out the biggest change going on around here - the bugs are not happy outside anymore. For some reason now they want to come in and snuggle with us. I'm so sick of seeing beetles or spiders crawling on the carpet as though they own the place. Thank goodness we have Pooh Bear who enjoys sniffing them out and torturing them for a little while. After which they get to take a lovely water ride down the drain.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was 80 degrees here today! 80!!

I have to find a farmer's market for the apples. Hoping I can find some when we head over to Greenbluff and the fall festivities. Looking forward to the recipes.

The boys and I did our costume shopping tonight - an entire FIVE WEEKS EARLY! I didn't get any decorations tonight, but I think I'd rather decorate with corn stalks and gourds than skeltons and vampires anyway...

Hope all is well and that you have a fabulous Wednesday. take care!


9/26/2006 10:55 PM  
Blogger Becca said...

Tonya, it is like that here in Hillsboro, Oregon too. I love it for as long as it lasts! I know that it will be raining again all too soon!


9/27/2006 12:12 PM  
Blogger Bridie and Luke said...

Hi Tanya!
It has been like that here! The only difference is that we are in spring. We had a week of high heat like 32 degrees and now its gone back to being tracksuit pants and jumpers! How's Logan?
Hope your well

9/27/2006 7:21 PM  
Anonymous holy said...

I know - it's insane but great - my neighbor made a point of stopping me because he knew how much the lack of sun here from Sept-March depressed me last year - and he told me I must have ordered this sunny weather.

Hey, check out this little link, speaking of corn mazes...not sure what it looks like from the ground but it might be a fun family venture.


The Boeing Company and Stocker Farms in Snohomish, Wash., teamed to feature the shape of a Boeing 787 Dreamliner as the design for the farm's annual fall corn maze on Tuesday. A 10-acre field of corn was used to create the maze which opens to the public Friday. It takes about 90 minutes to get through the maze. Check it out...

9/27/2006 7:51 PM  
Blogger Bridie and Luke said...

I did the same thing... Luke had to explain it to me aswell!So don't feel to silly!

9/27/2006 11:07 PM  
Blogger Super Baby said...

Awwwwh, you big baby! lol!! I'm still suffering in 75-80* heat out here! I MUCH prefer the cooler temperatures, so I am, of course, VERY jealous of your beautiful (hopefully) below-70 weather. I try and compensate by keeping our house COLD. :D It's just a good thing our nights are dipping just below 60* or I'd be having serious issues. :)

I have NEVER been through a corn maze! Mostly because I've heard that there are rotten people dressed up, carrying chain saws chasing you around... That's enough to make me NEVER want to go!!! lol

9/28/2006 5:43 AM  
Blogger Honor said...

Whew, you're not kiddin' about needing cooler weather - it's supposed to be 82 here today, then cooling down to a chilly 78 this weekend. Sorry to make all my comments about weather, but SHEESH! It's almost OCTOBER!! Ha!

Had to laugh at the chain saw in the corn maze comment. I, too, thought there were gonna be scary people in the maze when I went to my first one 3 years ago, but quickly learned there's a difference between a corn maze ans haunted corn maze. Think Chris would have a nervous breakdown if we ever took him to one of those.

Logan as a devil is somehow fitting! ;-) When I was little, I had two choices for costumes: I could get the cheap plastic suit with the plastic mask (can you say FIRE TRAP?!), or I'd go through the house and devise my own (usually a hobo or punk rocker). One year, my mom made me a beautiful mouse costume, complete with a coat hanger in the tail to make it stiff. It was lovely! We didn't have all these awesome costumes with 600 accessories that they have nowadays. *sigh* Anyhow, my question to you is: What was your favorite Halloween costume when you were growing up?

Have a glorious day!


p.s. Blogger hates me again - taking FOREVER to bring up the 'post a comment' section and comment preview... Grrrrrr

9/28/2006 11:43 AM  
Blogger Mainebikerchick said...

MAN!! I wish it were that hot here!! It's been in the low to mid 60's and I am missing summer already!! But I know what you mean about preparing yourself...I get disappointed when thigs don't go the way you think they would too!


9/28/2006 3:04 PM  
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Anonymous MeMom said...

In CA it's like 90 degrees until Halloween and then it drops to like 60! WE hated the fact that suddenly on Halloween - Mom forced us to put jackets over our costumes!
The weather here has been a dream..famous last words huh?

Fashion show sounded like fun! have a good weekend


9/29/2006 10:21 PM  

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