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Wednesday, October 1

My Little Man

It completely amazes me how in love you can be with someone. And I am so in love with my new little guy. When I hold him I cannot stop kissing him. I just love that newborn stage when they are so snuggly - it is simply one of the best things ever! I love his little head of peach fuzz. I'm often seen rubbing my chin across the top of his head - again, one of the best things ever!

I'm not sure if it's because he's the second child or what, but so far, it seems a lot less stressful this time around. When he cries, I don't freak out as much. And if he's been changed, fed and burped and is still crying - I still remain relatively calm.

And right now he's at the stage where he is becoming more aware of his surroundings. He will just lay there and stare - he loves to watch Logan. Speaking of Logan, he is SO good with his little brother. When I'm changing Noah's diaper, Logan will come into the room and talk to him to help calm him down. It is so cute when Logan talks to him. His voice gets really soft (which NEVER happens) and he usually says the same stuff. "Hi Noah" "I'm your big brother". And then he will go begin talking about him. He is absolutely fascinated with the size of Noah's hands and feet. He'll say, "Look at his little hands! And his feet!"

Noah seems to be getting into a routine too. Which is nice. Most nights he wakes up once, around 4 am. He'll nurse or take a bottle and then go back to sleep until around 7 or 8. I usually bring him into bed with me then (since Mike is up or at work) and just nurse him until he falls asleep again. He'll take a nap in the morning for a couple of hours, which works out nicely since that's when I get my errands done if I have any. Then he'll be up for 2-3 hours and then a nice long 3-4 hour nap in the afternoon. He also enjoys his bath most of the time too. I remember when Logan was really little he did not like the bath at all. And it completely stressed me out.

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Blogger Scooter & Emi said...

Awwwwwh! I love it!! I remember having lots of the same feelings when Emily was around, I came up with the same thing you did--that you're just better equipt to deal with a baby the second time around. Reading this makes me SOOOO BABY HUNGRY!!! *laughing*

10/01/2008 1:31 PM  
Blogger Nancy said...

That's so cute :) What a great big brother!

10/02/2008 8:48 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

What wonderful children! Congratulations!

I am so sorry about Poohbear. It has been a while since I have stopped by...

Take care - I do miss the baby snuggles.

10/03/2008 4:41 PM  
Blogger VENTL8R said...

Jenna's the same way with Mallory and now Mallory is old enough where she and Jen can play somewhat. It makes me smile to hear both girls laughing even though they're making a rukus.

10/08/2008 8:33 PM  
Blogger VENTL8R said...

Oh yes, I, too, miss the baby snuggle phase. Trust me on this one, it goes far too quickly the second time around. I feel jipped at times. But Maly is so much more of a snuggler than Jenna was at this age.

10/08/2008 8:35 PM  
Blogger Michelle said...

what a cute picture! Sounds like everything is going well!

10/09/2008 6:13 PM  

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