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Friday, November 7

Mr. Blue Eyes

Mike is still convinced that Noah's eye color is going to change to brown. I, on the other hand, have my doubts.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

We were always told the eyes change before 6 months. Some people say it has taken a lot longer. He has gorgeous eyes!! He is a beautiful baby!!

11/07/2008 7:32 AM  
Blogger The Beast Mom said...

Very sweet pics! I love the Halloween pics too.

I know you probably have all kinds of relatives telling you who BOTH kids look more like - you or Mike - but here's MY two cents on the matter...

You got Logan, and Mike got Noah as far as facial resemblance. ;) And yes, I realize I might say something different in 3 months, but that's what I see right now.

Have a great weekend, Tanya!


11/08/2008 1:13 PM  
Blogger Michelle said...

Yep still blue LOL such a cutie!

11/08/2008 8:27 PM  
Blogger VENTL8R said...

Jenna's were blue when she was born and they turned green like mine. Mal was and still is brown. I've read that around 9m the eye color is pretty much done.

11/09/2008 8:07 PM  

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