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Saturday, November 29


Logan had his first dentist appointment on November 19th and he did great! My sixth month check-up was due and since Logan has never been to the dentist yet I thought it was time he went. The dental office we go to is great! They were so patient with Logan.

I had my teeth cleaned first and Logan was very interested in what Carla (dental hygenist) was doing in my mouth :) He asked a ton of questions while she was cleaning my teeth and she answered all of his questions. She even let him hold the suction in my mouth. She told him step-by-step what she was doing and explained why she was doing it. And she put it all into a child's perspective. For instance - she said the reason you visit a dentist is so that they can check if you have "sugar bugs" (cavities) on your teeth. They want to make sure you brush your teeth because if the "sugar bugs" spend too much time on your teeth they can make your teeth hurt. After they have checked to see if you have "sugar bugs" they then count your teeth and touch them. Once that is done they then use the "tickle brush" (dental toothbrush) to clean your teeth. And when that is done you then get your mouth squirted with water and the water then suctioned out.

Luckily Carla has a 6 year old, a 4 year old and one on the way. She was totally able to explain everything in a way that Logan could understand. Convincing Logan to have the things done to him were another thing though. He needed to be comfortable with what was going to happen before it actually happened. He readily climbed up in the chair and allowed her to put the "napkin" around him. He eagerly grabbed the sunglasses to wear (so the dental light wasn't so bright on his eyes), but he did not like it when she went to recline the chair. They came to an agreement that he would just sit up while she counted his teeth.

Then came the "tickle brush". Carla let him choose between bubble gum and watermelon flouride. He wanted watermelon. She put some on the brush and applied it to his teeth - he did not like the taste of it. So she then got a new brush with no flavor and cleaned his teeth like that. He had her stop about 4 times while she was doing that because "it tastes funny".

After the "tickle brush" came the water and suction. Logan loved that part. He would just lay there while she shot water in his mouth. He would then close his mouth, swallow the water and then open his mouth back up so she could put the suction in. The funniest part is the fact that Carla said most kids hate the suction part of the exam and tolerate everthing else. Logan, on the other hand, loved the suction part and hated the other parts. Thankfully, Logan does not appear to have any cavities!

Unfortunately, I have two cavities that are located on my very back teeth next to my wisdom teeth. Because of this I have to have my wisdom teeth pulled and those cavities filled in. They'll do one pulling at a time. My first one gets yanked on December 2nd. We also talked about getting my implant done this next year. The whole process will take between 5-6 months.

I am SO looking forward to the months to come! NOT!!

*of course I forgot to pack my camera :(



Blogger Amber said...

Ugh. The dentist. I had a complete overhaul of my mouth last year (cost thousands of dollars) and I haven't been back since. I'm thinking false teeth might be a better alternative. :-)

11/30/2008 9:54 AM  

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