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Monday, November 24

Halloween Loot

I hit Target the day after Halloween to try to find Halloween costumes for the boys for next year. I found a couple of costumes along with some other treasures.

Pictured are:

-2 precarved pumpkins that light up

-2 Halloween colored cake mixes

-Pirate Pete yard decoration

-talking and flickering tombstone

-glow-in-the-dark skeleton pillowcase

-Frankenstein flashlight

-Superman costume

-Dinosaur/Dragon costume

(not pictured are 2 shirts that I bought Logan)

All of this stuff cost $55 - not too shabby if I say so myself!

I also went back the following week and the remaining Halloween stuff was marked down to 90% off! I got some shirts for the boys (2 shirts for under $1!!!), some more costumes for them (a ninja and a skull pirate) and a couple little toys. Not a bad deal - it all cost under $5!



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