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Tuesday, August 22

Incompetent Buffoon!!

On Friday I somehow convinced Mike to go to some garage sales with me.  We found some pretty decent ones and came away with quite the stash for Logan.  Not that he needed anything - but look at the stash!  All for under $20!!

After a productive morning of finding some good deals we decided since we were over in Duvall we would just eat some lunch there.  I had gone to a pretty decent Chinese restaurant awhile back over there and thought we would try it again.  It was already almost 2 PM so their lunch rush was over which was nice since Logan was past his naptime and we needed quick service!!  We got in, sat down, and ordered.  Since we ordered from the lunch menu we got soup with our meal.  We each ordered the egg flower soup and it arrived promptly.  Logan was sitting at the end of the table in his high-chair, waiting to get some grub in his tummy.  Once the soup was sat on the table he wanted some - so he did what any little person would do..............he grabbed at the bowl.  And the twit of a waitress that we had had put it close enough to him on the table so that!!  You know how sometimes you see things happen in slow motion and you can't react fast enough - yeah, that's what happened to me.  There was Logan reaching for the soup and before I knew it the soup had spilled all over the table.  Mike grabbed his hand and I put my hand against the soup so that it would not run onto Logan's legs.  Mike grabbed a napkin and began to clean the soup off of Logan's fingers - and that's when the blood-curdling screams began.  The poor little guy was in so much pain - he couldn't stop screaming - I've never heard that sound from him and I never want to again!  Mike took Logan out of the high-chair and had him on his lap.  He took the napkin off of his fingers and I saw these little white pieces hanging off of Logan's fingers.  I thought it was his skin!  Thankfully though it was part of the napkin clinging to his wet hand.  My heart was breaking - I felt like the worst mother ever since I had not prevented this from happening.  Mike decided to take Logan outside to see if he would calm down out there and after about 5 minutes he was able to rejoin me at the table.  Logan did eat quite a bit of lunch (I'm sure he worked up quite the appetite after all of that screaming!) - which I was thankful for.

Here's all that the waitress said to me about the whole incident - "Sorry, I didn't realize it was too close to him".

So here's my warning to all the other Moms who read my blog - please make sure that you move your plates out of the way of your little one immediately because the second you look away they will grab at the plate/bowl/cup.  Logan's fingers are a little red but once we got home he took a 3 hour nap and woke up as our happy little one again.


Blogger The Beast Mom said...

I know exactly the horror you felt. I hate it when I see the slow-mo event occurring and I can do nothing to stop it from hurting my child. I hope Logan's little hand recovers fast.

-beast mom

p.s. I like the new blog!

8/23/2006 1:36 AM  
Blogger Amber said...

I'm not sure if there's another way but yep, I copy and pasted every entry. Talk about a pain in the butt!

8/23/2006 5:04 AM  
Blogger scootercookies said...

HOLY COW!! I would be so upset! There are a lot of waitresses who don't have kids who just don't *think* about things like that. The ironic thing about your frustration is that the nurse was probably thinking, "Why didn't that lady move the bowl if she knew her baby was going to grab for it?" :S I'm on your side all the way-- there should be classes for common courtesy for moms with babies/toddlers!

Is Logan starting to be more particular about what he eats? He seems to be a pretty affable guy.... Scooter's SO PICKY these days!! He will ALWAYS eat chicken nuggets, but they're not always on the menu! Sometimes I think he holds out just to see if I'm hiding the chicken nuggets somewhere... lol Also, is Logan starting to have temper tantrums yet?? That blood-curdling pain scream you tell of is just about what I would call a Scooter Tantrum... Like tonight in his crib... He DID NOT want to go to bed and he was VERY GOOD at expressing his disapproval!! lol It only started just after we got back from New York, so this is all new to me... :)

8/23/2006 9:37 PM  
Anonymous Sendy said...

Love the new space! Poor little tyke! I have been through several moments similar to that, nothing blood curddling though. Give little Logan a squeeze for me. I'm glad it wasn't too bad. We have definitely learned to move everything out of the way on the table. Watch out though, because no matter what those hands can reach farther and farther all the time! Our daughter will now stand up (we can't get her into those high chairs now) and reach! It is absolutely crazy! I really do wish that servers would think about little ones more often. We have been lucky a few times, but most of the time, we have to rush to get it all out of reach, especially when the plates are hot.
Well, it's good to see ya! By the way - the cook book is open now! I still don't have much there, but it's available now.

8/24/2006 8:35 AM  
Blogger scootercookies said...

It's such a relief to know that your cute, perfect baby is having picky food and tantrum issues, too--lol!! I rarely blog about Scooter's tantrums or how he throws his food on the floor, spits it out, etc... lol I wonder if anybody else is panicking that their toddler goes from devil to angel in a split second! lol

I really worried about getting VEGETABLES into Scooter especially! I have found that if I give him two raw carrots (one for each hand) he'll eat one, gnaw and spit out the other. BUT! HE ATE ONE! :D He also ate stir-fry yesterday, which is a major triumph! Sometimes I'm worried that he's only growing on the vitamins and minerals found in graham crackers! :)

8/24/2006 3:11 PM  

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